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The Power of Cocoa

~cocoa beans contain 621 antioxidants, while wild blueberries contain 61, and domestic blueberries contain 32. Cocoa beans also contain three times the antioxidants that green tea has and twice the amount found in red wine.

~combat depression. Serotonin, dopamine and phenylethylamine (PEA) are used by the body to promote positive mental health and a sense of well-being.

~good for the cardiovascular system. Researchers have uncovered evidence that cocoa could reduce blood pressure, increasing the health of the heart. High levels of magnesium is another reason that it increases the strength of the heart and improves its health. Magnesium also helps reduce the risk of blood clots. Blood clots are one of the risk factors associated with strokes and heart attacks.

~boosts energy (without the crash)

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7 tbsp coconut milk

1 unsweetened 100% cocoa chocolate 4oz (113g) (cut into small pieces)

3 tbsp raw cane sugar

cocoa powder for coating


1.Heat coconut milk to just warm, not boiling with sugar. Turn off heat. Add small pieces of chocolate cover with lis and allow to melt 5 min. If not melted, add more heat until melted. Stir without adding air. Allow to cool.

2.Refrigerate 3 hours until almost completely solid. Dip knife in center, if it comes out mostly clean, it’s ready to scoop.

3.Use tablespoon to spoon out small balls, then shape with hands.

4.Coat with cocoa powder.

5.Enjoy immediately, or refrigerate to firm.

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