Chef Diego Grinblat Joins Wild Yoga Retreat

Diego Grinblat's passion for cooking began at a young age as he intently observed his grandmother preparing colorful and delicious dishes in the kitchen. The joy that it brought the rest of the family as they enjoyed the lovingly prepared meals was something that he eagerly wanted to recreate. On our Wild Yoga Retreat through Golan Heights, Israel, Grinblat did exactly that. His attention was focused on the level of enjoyment of the participants as the tasted his delicately prepared meals. It was most important to him that they enjoyed the vegan food that he had mindfully presented to each of them. The reaction of the normally talkative group went straight to silence as they enjoyed each bite and then praised him for his good work at the conclusion of their final bite. Originally from Argentina, Grinblat now travels the world, learning from the sights, aromas, and tastes of the different cultures. The Wild Yoga Retreats Team is extremely honored to have had his enthusiasm and the freshness that he brought and will continue to bring to our journeys through his recipes. Toda Raba Chef Diego!

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