Specific Positions
IT (someone with SEO experience and references, Google Adsense, Website building, etc)
Photographer/cinematographer (with online portfolio)
Builder/Carpenter with at least 5 years of experience
Yoga Teacher
Cook (experience in Vegan, Raw, and/or ayurvedic cooking)
Creative Artist who can paint murals, make alternative furniture from scraps, and add artistic pieces to the land
Permaculture Specialist
(all positions may overlap and at times the whole team will be building, clearing land, etc)

We are beginning a big, beautiful, labor intensive, all kind of skills and gifts required project, on a special piece of land in the lava field of the Big Island, Hawaii. This work will include building, planting, creating art, etc. We will speak with each intern to determine your strengths and where you can best fit in this project of The Wild Yoga House.

Program Benefits
In exchange for 20 hours week work you receive...
~simple accommodation with ocean view
~daily yoga classes
~workshops on acro yoga, permaculture, vegan cooking, sustainable living, etc
~transportation to and from airport
~one intentional Hawaiian wilderness exploration trip per week!


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7 internship positions available May 1-May 30, 2018.

We are offering 7 internship positions during the month of May.
One of these positions could be for you if you want to...
~learn more about yoga and experience mind, body, and spirit education
~participate in yoga sessions with us
~live together as a community for one month (communicating openly and from the heart)
~share your gifts and skills
~have self discipline and to work hard
~practice living sustainable and simply
~live in harmony with each other and the land, collecting water from the sky and energy from the sun

This project is to build a home and a meeting place for community gatherings of Wild Yoga Retreats...