Big Island, Hawaii

7 Days and 7 Nights

June 1-June 7, 2018


Liberate your spirit,

 manifest your dreams



  • the meaning of yoga

  • the values, philosophy, physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines of yoga

  • karma yoga: selfless acts of service

  • daily practices

  • about our personal energy centers (chakras) while connecting with the energy centers in Hawaii's natural world

  • to nourish your body with healthy vegan food

  • to live with others in community



The most remote place on earth, the Hawaiian Islands. We will take a journey through ourselves and through the Volcanoes, lava, waterfalls, beaches, jungles, deserts, and valleys of the most diverse island, The Big Island, Hawaii.

Retreat Content

50 hours: to be completed during retreat

50 hours: pre-requisites including assigned reading and written exercises, to be completed prior to retreat

This seven day yogic lifestyle and wilderness therapy retreat is a very strong experience for the participants who have joined the journey. We combine yoga practices, meditation, vegan foods, walking through the wilderness, massage and creative workshops, and living together as a community in nature. We go through a mental, spiritual, and physical journey through this retreat. We overcome challenges along the way, finding power within ourselves to overcome difficulties and face the obstacles that are in our paths in our daily lives. 


This retreat is open to all levels of yoga practitioners, is affordable, technology free (fostering communication on a deeper, more personal level), requires a basic level of fitness, and is drug, meat, and tobacco free. 


Daily Rhythm:

6:00 Wake up

6:15-6:45 Morning Sunrise Meditation

6:45-7:00 Tea

7:00-8:30 Morning Yoga

8:30-9:30 Breakfast

9:30-12:30 Class/Wilderness Exploration

12:30- 1:00 Lunch

1:00-2:30 Self Reflection/Rest

2:30-4:30 Class

5:00-6:00 Evening Yoga

6:00-7:00 Dinner


A certificate of 100 hours Wild Yoga Course is awarded upon completion of the course. 

All Inclusive

This includes:

-12 Yoga Classes

-All classes (yoga philosophy, intro to anatomy, intro to ayurveda, acro yoga, chakra focus, wilderness therapy, and much more)

-20 Delicious Healthy Vegan Meals

-Healthy Vegan Snacks

-Beautiful accommodation on the Hamakua Coast

-Wilderness Therapist Guide

-Transportation from and to airport

-Wilderness excursions connecting with Hawaiian nature



Welcome Dinner June 1 @ 6:00 pm 

Departure June 7 after breakfast

Liberate Your Spirit,

       Manifest Your Dreams

June 1-June 7, 2018

Big Island, Hawaii