If you feel stuck in a demanding routine, fulfilling obligations and expectations of others... and you are ready to reconnect with your true desires and optimal way of life, through a yogic lifestyle and intentional Hawaiian wilderness exploration, then join the Wild Yoga Family for a heart opening liberating retreat Big Island, Hawaii

June 1-7, 2018!

This retreat is for you if...

  • you are facing challenges to live according to your values in our present world and society 

  • you are tired of waiting for the right circumstances in order to make changes in your life

  • you are seeking spirituality and meaning in life and are looking for a practice and a method that will help you on your journey

  • you would like to build a personal yoga practice and learn more about yoga

  • you are eager for the chance to get closer to nature and connect with the world in a direct way.


  • the meaning of yoga

  • how to apply the values, philosophy, physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines of yoga to your daily life

  • a daily yoga practice designed especially for your unique needs

  • about our personal energy centers (chakras) while connecting with the energy centers in Hawaii's natural world

  • to nourish your body with healthy vegan food

  • to live with others in community

  • ...and much more...


Welcome to Hawaii, the most remote place on earth! The Big Island, in all its power and variety, home to 11 different climate zones, and ancient Hawaiian culture and medicine, is a perfect place to explore the variety of our own energy centers. During intentional wilderness exploration we reconnect with our heart in the lush jungle, find our voice on Mauna Kea, build our personal power while practicing sunset yoga to the music of the pacific ocean, connect with others submerged in volcanic heated pools, and begin manifesting our dreams amidst to flowing lava of Kilauea.


  • delicious, organic, and healthy local tropical vegan food

  • learn to prepare vegan meals and build a healthy relationship with food, eating mindfully


  • comfortable and beautiful accommodation close to Hawaiian Nature

  • private, shared rooms, and tent camping available

Daily Rhythm 

  • 6:00 Wake up 

  • 6:15-6:30 Tea

  • 6:30-8:30 Morning Yoga/Pranayama/Meditation

  • 8:30-9:30 Delicious Vegan Breakfast

  • 9:30-12:30 Class/Intentional Wilderness Exploration

  • 12:30- 1:30 Preparation and Yummy Lunch

  • 1:30-2:30 Self Reflection/Rest/Karma Yoga

  • 2:30-4:30 Class/Workshop/Intentional Wilderness Exploration

  • 5:00-6:00 Evening Yoga

  • 6:00-7:00 Preparation and Healthy Dinner


This seven day yogic lifestyle and intentional wilderness exploration retreat is a very strong experience for the participants who have joined the journey. We combine yoga practices, meditation, vegan foods, walking through the wilderness, massage and creative workshops, and living together as a community. We go through a mental, spiritual, and physical journey through this retreat. We overcome challenges along the way, finding power within ourselves to overcome difficulties and face the obstacles that are in our paths in our daily lives. 

This retreat is open to all levels of yoga practitioners, is technology free (fostering communication on a deeper, more personal level), requires a basic level of fitness, and is drug, meat, and tobacco free. 

50 hours: to be completed during retreat

50 hours: pre-requisites including assigned reading and written exercises, to be completed prior to retreat

A certificate of 100 hours Wild Yoga Course is awarded upon completion of the course. 

All Inclusive

  • 12 Yoga Classes

  • yoga philosophy, intro to anatomy, intro to ayurveda, acro yoga, chakra focus, intentional wilderness exploration classes, and much more

  • 20 Delicious Healthy Vegan Meals

  • Healthy Vegan Snacks

  • Beautiful accommodation close to Hawaiian Nature

  • Intentional Wilderness Exploration Guide and transportation

  • Transportation from and to airport (one pick up at 3pm and one drop of at 3pm)

What's Not Included

  • your round trip airfare to and from home

  • personal, medical, or trip cancellation insurance


Selena Bradshaw

After working in corporate America, Selena decided to move on from the office environment to pursue a new career. She moved to Hawaii to study massage therapy and bodywork at The Maui School of Therapeutic Massage. 

The healing power of bodywork became her passion and led her on a four-year journey around the world; living, studying and working with different teachers, masters, and gurus on topics of bodywork, natural health practices, yoga, and vegan cooking and nutrition. In India she deepened her yoga practice and later completed Yoga Teacher Training with Inbound Yoga in Peru. She is passionate about sharing yoga as a way of life to help others feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually fulfilled. Selena feels a deep sense of belonging in nature, is an enthusiastic diver, and First Aid Certified.

Tzvi Kipnis

Tzvi has had a deep connection with nature since a young age and has retreated into the wilderness for his personal therapy. After sailing and traveling around the world, Tzvi went back to his homeland, Israel, where he studied wilderness therapy. He worked with criminal youth for using sea and wilderness therapy as a treatment for a variety of issues, including substance abuse/addictions, depression, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, and motivation issues. Tzvi is also a skipper, Wilderness First Responder, and yoga practitioner.

Best Yoga Retreats in HAwaii

Many people ask us, "which is the best yoga retreat in Hawaii?". The answer is that you will find the best yoga retreat in Hawaii FOR YOU, when you have considered these five things:

1.) Write out what it is that you want to come away with from your retreat. Example: A deeper knowledge of yoga, a home practice, feeling like you have had time to rest, to lose weight, to heal, etc.

2.) What environment do you want? Luxurious, or simple, intimate, and in nature, etc.

3.) Begin looking at different retreats in Hawaii to see which one meets your needs. There are many amazing retreats here, that offer many different things and one of them will surely meet your needs When you are looking at retreats consider the facilitator/teacher/therapist. What is there experience? What are there reviews? If you need more info, write/call/set up a skype meeting.

4.) Once you have found a few retreats/teachers that you connect with, send them the "things you want to come away with" as well as the environment that you are looking for, and ask them if their retreat is a good fit for you. 

5.) Select and reserve your spot in the retreat. Arrive flexible, with an openness to try new things, and your retreat will be life changing!